The Index is my attempt at getting a macro-level look at the comic book collector market over a period of time. There's a number of sites that do this for individual comics, but none that look at the hobby as a whole.

I take an iconic list of comics, as determined by the Overstreet Guide, and retrieve their Fair Market Values for all grades for each day from GoCollect. This gives me a total value for those comics for that day. I can then compare that value to values for other days and start to see trends. Simple!

Look at it like I look at the Dow Jones: is it trending up or down? It's an indicator, over time, to the perceived value of these 100 blue chip comics. Through this lens I hope to understand historical trends in the industry.

I don't claim this is scientific in any way! Don't use this information to make purchase decisions. The way I calculate this may change over time; this is an experiment in statistics for which I am woefully inexperienced in the nuances. But I can code, so let's see where this goes!